How to Integrate Okta iOS SDK for an Okta application that is created with SAML?

I have created two applications in the Okta developer portal. Below are more details.

Created One application with “OIDC - OpenID Connect” Sign-in method. I’m able to integrate Okta iOS SDK for this application by configuring clientId, issuer, logoutRedirectUri, redirectUri, and scopes to the iOS SDK by following the guide: Sign users in to your mobile app using the redirect model | Okta Developer
and It’s working fine.

But my problem is with another application that I have created with “SAML 2.0” Sign-in method in the Okta dashboard. I see no developer documentation on how to integrate this SAML 2.0 application into my iOS Mobile application using Okta iOS SDK. I have gone through below community thread, but the responses that are there for that thread are not at all helping anything.

My client’s requirement is to use SAML applications only, we don’t have the requirement to use “OIDC - OpenID Connect”.

So, How to Integrate Okta iOS SDK for an Okta application that is created with SAML? Please don’t provide any generic developer guide URLs, Please provide a specific developer guide URL to solve my query.


Okta does not provide SDKs for SAML Applications.

With OIDC applications and Native Mobile apps the intention is for the Mobile application to authenticate and then receive tokens from Okta and use those tokens within the Native App to establish a session.

SAML Apps rely on a SAML Trust with a server app and IdP. You wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) send a SAML Response to a Native Application to consume, therefore no SDK. Is your clients SAML application a server side application that you would like to protect with Okta SAML and be able to access it with a mobile device?

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