SSO for an IOS XMPP Application

We have following requirement: We already have a web app using SAML, now we are going to implement Okta login in IOS mobile application. I got the following link from your web site " " In that its mentioned like.

To work with Okta Mobile Connect, your mobile app needs to meet the criteria below:

  1. It must support SAML authentication via an embedded web view that allows any URL to be called from inside the embedded web view.
  2. It must have a URI scheme registered for the app that only returns the app to foreground when called.

I got a link which mentioned like # WebViews are bad — Use AppAuth for Mobile Single Sign-On.

Ques. As you mentioned in (1), using embedded web view makes any security issue ?

Is this a native mobile application you are building for your okta organization?

You could use appauth strategy for this, but it will require that you support OIDC instead of SAML:

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thanks tom for this information. :slight_smile:

Thanks Tom. Sorry for the late reply.

Its a native mobile application. We have only SAML support.
Can we use embedded view for SAML in native IOS apps? Do you have any suggestion on this?