Multiple Okta Authentications In One Browser Tab

Hi Team,

A client would like to develop an application that allows multiple Okta users to log into a web application (SPA Native React) within one browser tab. Is this possible? I’ve gone through the sample SPA w/ redirect method and there does not appear to be a clean approach to hosting multiple Okta auth logins. Note - this request stems from a use case where multiple point of sale clerks would like to share a single machine / with individual application state(s).

Understood this request presents a number of security issues even outside the scope of Okta, but this is a client request and I’m just curious as to the viability before I even start poking around.

If there is no clear / clean / recommended web / SPA approach for an application that allows multiple users to log in simultaneously, could you recommend another means within the confines of Okta, perhaps a path forward using the API in a custom way?