Multiple simultaneous Okta browser sessions - is it possible?

Is it possible to have multiple simultaneous browser sessions for the same Okta subdomain/tenant?

In my case the reason that I want to do this is to manage the expiry of those sessions separately. It will be the same user signed in to both (most likely). We have the Okta Dashboard itself, which I need to have a fairly strict & short session expiry. Then we have a web app that is using the “Okta Sign-in Widget”, and also uses the Okta session cookie (via session.setCookieAndRedirect()).

I want our web app to be able to call session.refresh() to extend the browser session that it is using, without extending the session used by the Okta Dashboard (as the Okta Dashboard gives access to many more apps beside this one).

Is this possible? If so, how can I achieve it?

I’m aware that we could change our web app to be an OIDC app and register it as a custom App in Okta, which would decouple it from the Okta Dashboard session, but this would require a significant change in the way the web app handles authentication, so I want to explore other options first.