MVC .net 4.7 app using 'UseOktaMvc' - Roles/Groups

Total noobie! Here,

Setting up a simple MVC .net 4.7 app from scratch with Okat sign in using ‘UseOktaMvc’ was straight forward. I would now like to try out restricting access to calls with roles/groups.

However, I cannot seem to work out how to add TokenValidationParameters nor access the ClaimsTransformationOptions. Are these available when using ‘UseOktaMvc’ or do I need to use ‘UseOpenIdConnectAuthentication’ .

I need to use .net 4.7 MVC so if there is an example that would be great.

I have found but this is for .net CORE.



It is fine I have went with app.UseOpenIdConnectAuthentication instead and this seems to be working.