My application works in local but when I put it on server with iis manager it doesn't work

I want users from my company to login to the program with octa. When I run it locally, users first go through okta control and then they can enter the application. When I run the application on the server, this error appears. How can I solve it?
I followed this tutorial: Sign users in to your web app using the redirect model | Okta Developer

I want to remind you that it works locally.

When you run on a server are users able to navigate to your application, get redirected to Okta to login, on redirecting back to your application this error happens?
If so the first thing to verify is that when you run your application on IIS you are running over https and not http?
localhost is a special condition where http is allowed, but any domain name will require https.

Thanks for your answer :pray: . I’m writing for those who have the same problem, the problem was that the firewall did not allow access to the okta. Those who have the same problem can contact the system administrators and request access to okta.

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