We are able to browse to the the OKTA authentication server. We can connect with local host in the dev environment. When deploying to the application to IIS we do not reach the OKTA website. Is there a guide to IIS settings, ports to use and firewall troubleshooting.

Hi @kennedyas3,

Are you using one of our samples for this? For example, we do have some info here on deploying a Sample with our .NET SDKs: Run the sample apps | Okta Developer

You mentioned that you’re not reaching the Okta website. What error are you receiving when you try after moving to IIS, exactly?

Thanks I will look at the SDKs. I am using the self hosted git hub sample from Laura Rodriguez and it works great on localhost in Visual Studio, but I am connecting to the network and it is not routing to the OKTA sign in. We have worked on firewall and proxy so it should be good there. I am not getting an exception on the GetOwinContext Challenge. It just not connecting and not getting the claim information causing null reference errors on the user id.

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