Web App authentication questions

I am new to trying to get a web app to auth using Okta and I have some questions. I have it working on both my local machine and on a dev server (IIS)

  1. Sign out doesn’t work, I end up at the okta bad request page when I try to sign out from the server. On my local machine running it from VS2022 debug, it works fine. The setting are the same between apps except the callback URI’s differ from https://localhost:xxxx/app vs https://server/app

  2. It looks like authentication is passed differently depending on the source. From my local machine running it in VS2022, I get different profile claims back vs running it from IIS. IIS we get the window ad account (AD account) back vs. local machine I get the OktaID of the person back. We would like to not have to deal with the AD account coming back to check for user info afterwards (outsside of Okta), is there something I am missing about hosting in IIS and using Okta for authentication?

  3. can you configure the app to give specific profile data back in the claims?

I am using .Net Core 7 + MVC for this.

I also did this following the Okta document on how to do this but updated it for .Net 7 vs 3.1

How is your application initiating sign out?

Also, we have a full .NET 7.x MVC sample app here that you may want to check out: samples-aspnetcore/samples-aspnetcore-7x at master · okta/samples-aspnetcore · GitHub