My next steps after creating customdomain and auth server


So my journey continues and Im kind of stuck on what I need to do next or rather what to learn next…

So far I have successfully finished Vue Login and Access Control the Easy Way | Okta Developer

I have created my own custom domain URL (not sure if its working) and auth server. via the guides on the okta blog

How do i go about combining the above together?

If i wanted to create a index splash page with my own html and a signin widget where can i read about doing so?

Auth0 had a guide on making an admin panel to manage users oh a domain along side user profiles. How do i start? Or can i use that guide? found here:

Many thanks!

So you went through all the steps in this guide to configure the Custom URL Domain? Its possible you just need to wait for DNS propagation, if you’re not seeing the Okta sign in page hosted on your Custom Domain. Once this is all done, you should be able to navigate directly to that custom domain and be prompted with the widget to login.

After you’ve confirmed its working, you can now start customizing it. I’d recommend reading through this guide that talks through some of the options you have to see if it meets your requirements for how your sign in page should look/behave.