Name: Policy name already in use

Hi, I’m trying to update a policy but the API rejects the request whether with, or without the name attribute included in the request body.
Isn’t it supposed to accept the request anyway? The policy I am trying to update is the one that holds the name. It doesn’t make any sense.

This is the request:

PUT /api/v1/policies/00p5gzji4cp0fjjkB5d7
  "name":"test sign on policy",
  "description":"test test test",
  "conditions": {
    "people": {
      "groups": {

Response body:

  errorCode: 'E0000001',
  errorSummary: 'Api validation failed: name',
  errorLink: 'E0000001',
  errorId: 'oaeHiJ18cf4Soaf9RSLiYOasA',
  errorCauses: [ { errorSummary: 'name: Policy name already in use' } ]

I’m not able to reproduce this issue. Can you ensure the the right policy ID is being provided in the request URL (say by doing a test GET request to make sure that its coming back)? Are you trying to update the policy name when you run into this?