Policy Update error

Hi, I am trying to Update an access policy with App binding but it does not get success and shows error " API validation failed: conditions.clients.include" and errorSummary: conditions.clients.include: Resource(s) not found: appId(publicClinetApp).

I am doing all this via postman collection using okta APIs. I have create an App in Okta of type service and now trying to bind the access policy with the App.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hello! Are you making sure to send over your entire policy object when updating the policy?

Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Run Get Resource Access Policy in Postman.
  2. Copy the JSON response.
  3. Go to Update Resource Access Policy and paste the JSON body into the body of the request.
  4. Append the application you want added to the policy to the include array found here:
        "conditions": {
            "clients": {
                "include": [


Thanks Cale for response.
I gave a try to the above approach which you suggested but still it give me the same error.
I took the whole response from Get Resource Access Policy and then use the same as request for Update Resource Access Policy.
“errorCode”: “E0000001”,
“errorSummary”: “Api validation failed: conditions.clients.include”,
“errorLink”: “E0000001”,
“errorId”: “oaeZRU765NaR3-XHvt-IYmetg”,
“errorCauses”: [

        "errorSummary": "conditions.clients.include: Resource(s) not found: 0oa4xkolm8CTT2UGX4x7 (PublicClientApp)"