Native Mobile App

Hello ,

Currently We have a Mobile App which is hosted on Google Flutter and implemented with F5 (Similar to OAG).
This F5 is configured to Okta via SAML which hosts Application Login Page.
Whenever Mobile App is being accessed , F5 is Authenticating User with Basic Authentication

I am trying to find a solution where the Mobile App tries to Authenticate within the App by installing SDK’s in Google Flutter and without redirecting to F5 for Authentication.

Note that , F5 Will still be in place for making API calls.

Hello @rohithpati25,

Though we don’t directly have a Flutter library or SDK, we do recommend the Flutter AppAuth Plugin for things like this: Embedded Okta Sign-In Widget fundamentals | Okta Developer - I’d recommend going this direction if you’re wanting to use Flutter with authentication directly instead of through the SAML app.