Need docs/info for defining custom settings as vendor/OIN app

We would like to publish our application to the Okta Integration Network. We have a multi-tenant web application, and we’d like a spot for the admin to fill in the custom tenant (organization) name, and then use that parameter later in the SAML configuration.

For example, if you go to “Add Application” and choose “GitHub”, there’s a custom field with the label “GitHub organization”. How/where do I define a custom label and field like that, and then how do I use the value that gets typed in as part of the configuration?

I haven’t been able to find documentation for this, so I’m wondering if I’m even in the right spot. Where is the documentation for apps being published to the OIN?

Hi @andrew-barnett

Once you submit your application in, someone from our Applications Team will reach back to you via email in order to assist with the integration in OIN.

You can specify to him or her that you would like the final version of your application to have also a custom subdomain section for customers to fill and they will add it.