SAML SSO App Custom Attributes

I’m developing a SAML app so that our customers can use Okta as their IDP and sign in with their Okta accounts. Usually, what you have to do as the customer when configuring a SAML SSO integration in the SP is copy some value from the SP’s settings page and paste it into the Okta app when adding it to your tenant. For example, the Figma documentation uses a “tenant id” that you paste into a field that appears under “advanced sign-on settings”:

Can anyone tell me how I add a similar field to my app? Is this something that has to be enabled by Okta? Thanks.

Hi @ajsharp

Once you configure the application in your Okta preview tenant (if you don’t have, you can register one for free here), you can submit it for review to our Apps Team through

When submitting the application, you can mention that you would want the final version of the application that will be published in OIN to have a custom section for your customers to add their own tenant.

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