Saml SSO using okta as IDP with Spring boot application

I tried to publish my app at okta and got the following response.

Email -

But how do you set up SAML for multiple customers?

You should take into account, that the SAML configuration is different (IDP ACS URL, IDP Entity ID) for each application instance in Okta, so you need to support multi tenant configuration. So for each application instance in Okta the IDP ACS URL is:

https://[subDomain].[environment].com/app/[appName]/[uniqueAppId]/sso/saml, where uniqueAppId is unique value per application instance. The same is for IDP Issuer (Audience Restriction):[uniqueAppId]. The certificate is also different for each customers in Okta.

How can I configure to automate this app creation for multiple customers?
It is working fine for one customer.

Hey @karanb192 !

Have you seen our Apps api?

Is that what you are looking for?