OKTA SAML configuration which spring boot application has application.baseUrl and contextPath=/my_app

I am trying to integrate SSO in to my spring boot application. I tried to follow tutorial mentioned at https://developer.okta.com/blog/2017/03/16/spring-boot-saml and created sample application and everything works fine and I get redirected to okta login page. But when I try to use same tutorial in my application which has a server.servlet.contextPath=/my_app and application.baseUrl = http://localhost:9090/my_app , Application navigates to the OKTA login page but then enters in to infinite loop.
My okta configurations are :slight_smile:
Single sign on URL : https://localhost:9090/my_app/saml/SSO
Audience URI (SP Entity ID) : https://localhost:9090/my_app/saml/metadata

Can someone please tell me how i can configure with context path.