Need some help and/or demo code


I have to integrate OKTA authentication into an existing webforms (NOT MVC) application.

Can not figure out what I am missing to get it to work and need some help.
I can get to my login page, external authenticate on okta page and redirects either back to my login page (not authenticated ??) or get require nonce error when set up to redirect to other page
Have never used openID/OWIN etc before and I am stuck…

Any ideas on what to check?

Does anyone have a simplified example for webforms (C# or that is not MVC to do the following scenario

Login.aspx - click button to go to okta login page and authenticate
redirect back to Default…aspx (and optionally display the user claims) with a logout button.
click logout button to logout and redirect back to Login.aspx


Thank you,

Hi Cramer,

Have you tried one of the samples at