Need to implement the CSS as client side for Identity Engine Okta Sign Widget

I have created one project on angular to implement the Okta Sign-in Widget and its working correctly.

Whenever we are trying to apply the custom CSS, changes are not reflecting on Okta Sign-in Widget.

Note: As per the requirements we need to apply CSS only on client side.

Please provide the suggestion that help me to implement the custom CSS.

Hi Team,

I am stuck in last weeks, follow the base article that corresponds to developer okta site but did not find any luck to implement the client side CSS.

Please provide the suggestion that help to me for resolve the problem statement.

Hello @atlas,

Are you redirecting your app to your Org’s sign in widget, or are you self hosting the same with your Angular app? If it’s the first, are you using your org’s custom domain or the base * domain?

If you are embedding, are you following these recommendations? Style the sign-in page | Okta Developer If you are redirecting, are you customizing the Brand on your org for either your custom domain or base Okta domain, whichever one you are using as your issuer?

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Thanks for providing the assistance.