.Net okta auth to access GMail

Firstly, I’m in an automation QA group - not full development, so please forgive if the question seems simple.

I work in C# and previously wrote code to login to a GMAIL account and read the email, look for data etc. All great.

Now I need to utilize OKTA in order to access the account and I’m a bit confused as to where to look or what to google in order to figure this out. Nothing I see in my search clearly connects how I authenticate to OKTA and then login to GMail. I’ll happily do the due diligence myself, but I could use pointers in how to go about it.

Thanks in advance.

Are you looking for a guide on setting up Google as an IdP?

Or are you asking about how to login to Okta and then access the Gmail app from your user dashboard?

I’m asking how to authenticate with Okta and then utilize that authentication to login to a GMAIL account - all within C#.

I think what you provided in the URL is what I need, but this is entirely new to me so it’s all guess work at this point. I’ll see where this takes me.