Logging in with email/password but showing info from another user

Hello, I have just started playing around with Okta to use as my IDP. I have setup an application in the admin console for testing, and I have 2 users. I normally log in the admin console through google, so that is one user, and I have created another user. My google account has the email and username like j__t@gmail.com. The user I created, has the email and username as j__t+appideas@gmail.com.
I have downloaded the sample angular application directly from the admin console, so I can test out the flow. If I assign only j__t+appideas to my app, when I log in I get an access denied saying there are no apps assigned to this user. If I add j__t to the app, then I log in successfully with the user j__t+appideas, but when I go to the profile, I see info from my j__t.

What am I missing here?

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Is this happening all within one browser? If yes, did you log out of Okta before attempting to log in as the other user?

Bingo, that was it. I tried in a clean private window (incognito mode), and it worked. Thanks a lot!

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