Not receiving response from VerifyFactor

Not sure why I am not getting a response back from the OKTA Verify code. I do get the notification on my phone and I acknowledge, but then I never exit the
VerifyFactor function – since it never get’s an acknowledgement. Any ideas? Is there something in OKTA that needs to be set? Am I not calling the AWAIT correctly?

Using .Net framework 4.8.x and OKTA SDK 2.x

Public Async Function AuthenticateWithMFA(susername As String, spassword As String) As Task
’ Initialize the Okta client
Dim oktaClient = New AuthenticationClient(New OktaClientConfiguration With {
.OktaDomain = OktaDomain,
.Token = APIToken

        ' Authenticate the user with username and password
        Dim authnOptions = New AuthenticateOptions() With {
                .Username = susername,
                .Password = spassword,
                .MultiOptionalFactorEnroll = True,
                .WarnBeforePasswordExpired = True

        Dim authResponse = oktaClient.AuthenticateAsync(authnOptions).Result
        LogMessage("AuthenticationStatus: " & authResponse.AuthenticationStatus.ToString)

        If authResponse.AuthenticationStatus = "MFA_REQUIRED" Then

            ' MFA is required, check for available factors
            Dim allFactors As Okta.Sdk.Abstractions.CastingListAdapter(Of Factor) = authResponse.Embedded.GetArrayProperty(Of Factor)("factors")

            ' Find Okta Verify Push factor
            Dim oktaVerifyPushFactor = allFactors.FirstOrDefault(Function(f) f.Type.Contains("push"))

            Dim factorID = oktaVerifyPushFactor.Id
            LogMessage("FactorID: " & factorID.ToString)

            If factorID IsNot Nothing Then
                Dim stateToken As String = authResponse.StateToken

                ' Set options based on your MFA method (e.g., SMS, Okta Verify, etc.)
                Dim verifyFactorOptions = New VerifyPushFactorOptions() With
                    .FactorId = factorID,
                    .StateToken = stateToken,
                    .AutoPush = True,
                    .RememberDevice = True

                LogMessage("Ready to call VerifyFactor  ")
                ' Verify MFA factor
                Dim mfaResponse = Await VerifyFactor(oktaClient, verifyFactorOptions)
                LogMessage("mfaResponse.AuthenticationStatus  " & mfaResponse.AuthenticationStatus.ToString)

                If mfaResponse.AuthenticationStatus = "SUCCESS" Then
                    LogMessage("MFA verification succeeded")
                    LogMessage("MFA verification failed")
                End If
                LogMessage("No suitable MFA factor found")
            End If
        ElseIf authResponse.AuthenticationStatus = "SUCCESS" Then
            LogMessage("Authentication succeeded without MFA")
            LogMessage($"Authentication failed. Status: {authResponse.AuthenticationStatus}")
        End If
    Catch ex As Exception
        LogMessage($"Exception: {ex.ToString()}")
    End Try
End Function

Private Async Function VerifyFactor(client, options) As Task(Of AuthenticationResponse)
    ' Perform MFA factor verification
    Return Await client.VerifyFactorAsync(options)
End Function

Hi @gmcdanl,

Can you try with the latest Okta .net SDK 7.0.3?
You could verify the factor with the userId and the factorId.

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