How to Verify a WebAuthn Factor challenge using .NET Okta SDK version 7.0.0

Hi. I’m upgrading the .NET Okta SDK from version 5.x to version 7.0.0. I’m trying to Verify a WebAuthn Factor challenge, as shown here.

I’m able to complete the first step, which is Issuing a WebAuthn Factor challenge. That gives me the clientData, authenticatorData, and signatureData that I need to verify the factor, again shown here.

In version 5 of the Okta SDK, I was able to pass this data in like so (using

Dim verify As New VerifyFactorRequest()
verify.ClientData = clientData
verify.SetProperty("authenticatorData", authenticatorData)
verify.SetProperty("signatureData", signatureData)
Dim response As VerifyUserFactorResponse = OktaClient.UserFactors.VerifyFactorAsync(verify, userId, factorId).Result

In version 7 of the Okta SDK, there is no .SetProperty() function. I don’t see any other way to set the authenticatorData and signatureData on the VerifyFactorRequest model, and I don’t see any alternative API clients or functions that I should be using instead. Please let me know how to proceed.

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Okta has an internal Jira to add this to the SDK integration.

For the time being the below article describes how to call APIs not currently or fully exposed in the SDK.

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