Obtain Access Token for local dev - role based auth -> http://localhost:8081/secured?continue 403

Hi, I created a web app in okta portal. I will not have any FE app developed, just my Java Spring Boot app, but I would like to use okta’s role based authentication.

I set up everything in the portal(users, group etc). However, I am wondering can I somehow login via POSTMAN or any other way as one of those created users, and obtain access token, so that I can test my app?

The app is just my practice project, will be used only locally be me.

I tried accessing via browser my secured api. I logged in as an appropriate user, and created one Spring Filter for interception request in hope that I can log access token that way. However, I am always getting in browser after entering my credentials → 1. Request URL:


  1. Request Method:


  1. Status Code:


I don’t get where this is coming from


If you need to get tokens for your application you can use https://oidcdebugger.com/
If you have never used this tool there is a instructional video at Creating an OIDC app and testing it with OIDC Debugger - YouTube

It might also be beneficial to test some of the Okta Spring Boot sample applications,

Thank You,