OIDC Okta integration

I just want to ask if anyone here has any good info/documentation for handling an OIDC app on the OIN. I want other orgs to be able to integrate with us, so they can login and get authenticated by Okta and then I use the returned token to start a session in my app. Its working great with just my developer org, but I don’t know if there’s a way for me to test integration with a second test org which can add my integration.

Also, I see that when another company integrates with us they essentially get their own authorization server to handle logins to my okta app - which means I will need a clientId and secret for each integrated org. Is there a safe way to handle this on a front-end React app. Im sure on the backend I could store the info in a DB and pull it from there based on their company - but I’m unsure if this is the only way to handle this and I currently have the initial login on the frontend where the token gets posted back.

Have you already gone though the below documents,

Yes, and I probably need to make a few changes to my app to handle it all correctly. But what I’m curious about is how do I test this? Is there a way for me to essentially to integrate a fake org to my org for the sake of testing my approach of storing client info for each integration?

you can create another developer Org and use that.

Thank you Erik, I’ll give that a shot and if I have any other more specific questions I’ll reach out.

“We don’t currently support IdP initiated authentication and have no plans to. Are we still required to publish to the OAN for users to log into our SaaS application using Okta as an IdP and our application as the service provider? We will only be supporting SP Initiated authentication.”