OIDC token request results in failure multiple_client_credentials

When trying to complete an OIDC authentication the app.oauth2.token.grant event shows up in the logs as “failure multiple_client_credentials” and a 401 is returned.

I can’t find any documentation on what this means and am using a client library to generate requests which are working with other OIDC providers.


It is likely that the client library is passing client credentials in both the headers and post body of the API call. Okta does not allow this, while some other providers may be more lax in this requirement. You can pass the credentials in one of these but not both.


Perfect, working now. Thanks for such a prompt response!

Hey guys,
I want to add that I ran into this for OIDC with the Amazon Echo (Alexa) the solution for this error is to select “Credentials in request body” for the “Client Authentication Scheme”

Thanks for the tip Shawn!