Okta Agentless Desktop SSO is not working for multiple user

Hi All,

Our client is using agentless desktop sso and they have done kerberos changes on the desktop machine. We are using react SPA for the login desktop application which is hosted okta sign-in page. a domain name like clientname.oktapreview.com .DesktopSSO authenticates the user automatically and sent the access token information to the desktop application.

Now we are facing the issue that User A is able to do SSO completely with different rights. Now when we log out from that machine and try to log in to the same machine using a different test user, that time when the application is launched, it got stuck on the "one moment please " screen and then shows the okta sign-in page after 5 minutes.

Can anyone tell me what is the exact issue here? why one user is able to perform SSO and why another user is having issues?

Note: We are using an embedded browser like Jxbrowser for launching the okta login app.