Agentless Desktop SSO configuration help

Hoping someone can help me figure out why my agentless Desktop SSO is not working.

I’ve followed the [Okta Documentation] in setting this up.

I’ve done the below steps

  1. Create service account and configure the SPN
  2. Enable Agentless Desktop Single Sign-on
  3. Updated the default Desktop Single Sign-on Identity Provider routing rule

Now when I attempt to test, I am not successful

On my windows machine, I login as a valid user who exits in Okta too. I enter my Okta URL in Chrome, but it prompts me for a password?

it says and asks for the username and password??

If I enter it, it signs in successfully. But the point of the SSO is it signs me in automatically.

What am I doing wrong?

Please open a support case to get assistance with this issue, thanks!