Okta angular automatically refreshing the access token

i am using okta angular library in my angular spa app.
i am using authgaurd also.

so whenever i login for the first time it is asking for user id and password and once my login is successful
the application is not getting logged out even though im inactive(logged into the app and the left it for 24 hours)
i okta i have updated the settings as below

so after the provided time it should automatically log out(this is what i am expecting). when i see the network tab in my browser , i observed that for every 5 min(which i set as accesstoken liftetime) the library is making call and updating the accesstoken,
could you please confirm if this the actual behaviour or is there any default settings i have to make

lib versions:
angular 17,
@okta/okta-angular”: “^6.3.2”,