OKTA API for listing users

I am trying to get the list of users available, so used the okta provided API as mentioned in screenshot, but i am getting the HTTP:405,

Could anyone please help me on the same. Thank you.

For Okta API calls you need to use the Org Authorization server. The ‘default’ authorization server is actually a custom authorization that is configured by Okta. The URL should be:


Surprisingly how Authorization server related to 405 Method Not Allowed
: “The endpoint does not support the provided HTTP method” ?

As per my understanding it has to throw incorrect URI if the url should : https://{yourOktaDomain}/api/v1/users as used https://{yourOktaDomain}/api/default/v1/users.

Correct me if i misunderstood.

@balamurali.k The correct endpoint is

If you are using postman, you can import the API collections from [here]
(Postman Collections | Okta Developer).