Okta Application Settings report

Hi Okta team,

Our software allows our clients to use identity providers, such as Okta.
I am having lots of problems trying to pinpoint what options in Okta our clients did or did not set up, which is causing lots of troubleshooting and delays. This leads to a very frustrating experience.

My question is this - is there a way in Okta to generate a report that will show all the options/settings for a given Okta application (I hope I am using the correct terms)? If so, could you please tell me steps to generate such report, and possibly a sample of how it looks like.

Thank you,

Sounds like the Apps API could be helpful. A response from that endpoint should get you all the settings for a given app.

Hi tyf,

This would have been great, but it required the api token. Neither me nor my client has it. Because neither one is a part of my client’s IT.

It is hard to envision my client (who is just a poor chap in some department trying to connect to our app that they just bought) walking into to their IT department and asking some random person to run a curl statement for him.

He could, though, ask for a report by name like this “Hi IT folks, could you please send me the for so-and-so applicastion”. Which he could then forward to me. I will read it, highlight missing bits, send it back to him, he forwards it to the IT folks, and bingo, everything works.

So, could you please tell me if anything like this exists?
And if it does not, could you please tell your colleges in the development that this is something that is desperately missing?

Thank you so much,