Generate application access daily report in Okta

We have a Client app created in Okta and we want to automate the daily application access report for this Client app. Currently I see in Okta admin console we can go to below section to access these reports.

“> Reports > Application Access”

But how can we automate this and send the report over email daily?

Any inputs on this please?


At this time, we do not currently have a public API that exposes the endpoints from the Reports page you are referring to.

What specific information are you looking to collect? As an alternative option, you could probably use our API endpoints to retrieve the info you’re looking for. It’s a bit of additional work upfront, but the end result would be automated reporting.

For example, you could query the /apps endpoint to get a list of users assigned to an application

Thank you very much for the response @marcusi.

My project actually has a requirement in which we need to generate the list of users logged into a particular application within given time period.

I think in that case the System Log API is probably what you’ll need. You can retrieve a list of events from your system log, and filter for a specific timeframe, application, type of event (i.e. login)