Okta application's group import

Hi team,

I can see n number of supported 3rd party applications in okta, with features Okta verified, SAML, Provisioning.
As per my understanding SAML indicates for single sign on, provisioning indicates user can create/update users on application target system ( Okta verified - don’t know).

I have few questions:

  1. Any application which does not labeled as provisioning is not able to import data from target system into okta?
  2. When any application which labeled as provisioning does if provision only users or users as well groups?
  3. I observed that few applications labeled as provisioning only imports users from target system(Ex. Salesforce) where few application imports users as well as groups(Ex. ServiceNow UD). So how can I know that which application imports only users and which application imports both user and groups?
  4. If I suspend/Deactivate account on okta does is reflected on connected applications target system. If no then is there any way to sync the status?
  5. In Application agissements tab when I update exiting user properties or assign application to new user then the changes immediately reflected on target system?