Okta as an intermediary for SAML authentication between SP and IDP

I want to set up Okta as an intermediary between our portal (SP) and our customer (IDP) for a SAML authentication initiated by IDP. I am not finding any clear instructions how to set this up. Please provide links to setup

It’s a little bit tricky to configure. The idea is that when you send an assertion from IdP to SP you also need to indicate somehow for Okta, what should it do with this assertion. Normally SP would be just an app, so it knows that after receiving an assertion they need to redirect a user to a landing page or whatever else might be encoded in RelayState.

So you’d need to prepare a RelayState when sending an assertion from your IdP to Okta, so that it initiates a sign into your Okta application (SP). I’d try to go with app embedded URL as my first guess