Okta as IDP with Faunadb

we want to use Okta as external access provider with Faunadb.

Faunadb is sharing this article as reference how to implement that (example with Auth0 Setting up SSO authentication in Fauna with Auth0).

Our problem: We have multiple fauna children databases (Multi-tenancy | Fauna Documentation) but in every database we have to configure Okta as access provider and the doc is telling we have to add this database as audience to the Okta authorization service. But Okta is only supporting one audience.

So do you have an idea how we could solve that, that we can use one login with one okta authorization service together with multiple fauna databases?

You’re correct, you can only configure one audience for a custom authorization server.

Due to this limitation, I do not believe you can integrate Faunadb with Okta.