Okta-auth-js- Redirect URI to a hash based url - angularjs app

redirect uri to a hash based url in angularj js 1.4 application and I am using okta-auth.js

1.Login to application (e.g. http://localhost:3000 (we have a setup that when I type in browser http://locathose:3000 - my application redirects to http://localhost:3000/#/main)
2. it redirects to okta login if I dont have idToken in my OktaAuth.tokenManager and my redirectURI is http://localhost:3000
3.after I got the idtokn, my redirectUri is stripping out #code and showing in the url as localhost:3000/#/main and unable to add idTokens in OktaAuth.tokenmanager

I have been banging my head with this issue. Can some one advice me on this how to proceed further

Hello kvr,

I entered an issue for this in our docs and received a reply from one of our engineers that works on the Angular SDK.