Okta Auth Quickstart Guide for Android incomplete

In the following Okta Authentication Quickstart Guides | Okta Developer webpage, there is a section as follows:

Implement Okta Sign-In
Users can sign in to your Android application a number of different ways. The easiest, and most secure way is to use the default login page. This page renders the Okta Sign-In Widget, equipped to handle User Lifecycle operations, MFA, and more.

There is a link out to Embedded Okta Sign-In Widget fundamentals | Okta Developer

…which from an Android developer point of view is not helpful. What would be helpful would be a link the Android equivalment of the Sign-In Widget. Perhaps a fragment.

Another further comment to make about the content on this page is that there is not enough content to complete a round trip login page. This is not a quick start if a user gets lost.

Sorry for the confusion, it is Okta Sign in page which is loaded in browser through a redirect, that page uses the signin widget.

The guide uses the Okta Android AppAuth library. We actually show both kicking off the login and handling the login state (once it returns to your application).

We actually do not have a widget in Android, the AppAuth strategy from OpenID Foundation recommends using the browser for redirect.

I’ve notified the team to make sure this is clear in the quickstart.


Thx for the response tom! I hope future versions of Android quickstart will be able to help others like myself who are novice at authentication. The https://github.com/okta/okta-sdk-appauth-android example is excellent which was the path I took cause the quickstart didn’t workout for me.

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Awesome, glad you were able to get set up. Let us know any questions!

I have run into the exact same issue as well. In my android app how do I get the OKTA login page to appear? The quickstart really drops the ball on that part. I’ve had a colleague of mine read the document and he also is confused as to how to get the login page to come up. Can anyone provide a clue?

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