Okta auth sample project from developer.okta.com doesn't work with out company's okta: example.okta.com

Hi all I have been using the sample project that is available to download after creating Single Page App at developer.okta.com it’s in the general tab of such project:

My company has an Okta app running at example.okta.com I believe it is an “enterprise app”.

When I use the client id and issuer of the sample app login works but when I use the ones from my company (client id and issuer) it doesn’t work.

Please help completely lost into how to continue.

Hi @mateo.zaga,

What error are you seeing ? Any clues from console (dev tools) or from the failing request in the network tab ? You could also check for failing events in Okta System Log.

Also, make sure the type of client created in okta for example.okta.com is similar to the example app.