Okta Azure deploy : loginRedirect says resource you are looking for has been removed

We have implemented OKTA login Angular sign-in widget using OKTA documentation(https://developer.okta.com/code/angular/okta_angular_sign-in_widget).

When we verify on local(http://localhost:4200) , OKTA login is working and redirecting to our root page after the successful login but when we deploy to Azure we are getting an error as “resource you are looking for has been removed”

When we analyzed the issue, we are getting OKTA token successful but during loginRedirect we are getting an error at below code

this.signIn.loginRedirect(’/’, { sessionToken: res.session.token })

We are able to see OKTA user properties and token details from res object.

Our configurations:
issuer: ‘https://companyname-dev.oktapreview.com/oauth2/default’,
redirectUri: ‘https://appmarkedinredfromimage.azurewebsites.net/authorization-code/callback’,
clientId: ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’


Can someone help on this if we are doing anything wrong?

Did you ever figure out the cause of this? Having the same issue.