Okta Developer Account Vs. "Regular" Accounts


I am building an app where I want to use Okta for authentication, but I am a bit confused as to what is the difference between the “Developer” offering and the “Regular”(?) offering…

Also, I have a staging environment for my app, and I was wondering if I have to open two separate okta organizations to use, or is there a way to use only one?


The developer account is for adding authentication to your apps and includes API Access Management for free. The “regular” (or IT Admin as I like to call it) is more for SSO and providing single-sign-on to your employees. A regular account requires you to pay for API Access Management.

So should we manage two accounts? one for our own needs, and one for our application?
Also, do we need to open separate accounts for Dev environments and Production, or should two different apps be good enough?

I recommend using a developer account for everything. You can create as many as you like with the same email address.

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