Using Developer account for live site

I have a bit of an issue at the moment. We want to use Okta for our website(s), but currently we have way less than the minimum for the ‘One App’ plan - we have maybe 300 users, not 20K - so I can’t get that approved for the budget.

My question is, how stable/reliable is the Developer plan? I realize there are no official SLAs and we are taking a risk. But on the other hand, reading through the forums, I can also see that many people are using the Developer plan for their personal sites and other uses, and it appears that the Developer servers are being kept running, etc. and not simply treated like machines that the Okta team randomly just brings down.

Can anyone who has been running on Developer plan for a while now give me some idea of it’s reliability and how safe i would be to run our live site using it?

Caveat: I am not a sales person, I’m a developer who happens to work at Okta. :slight_smile:

Developer accounts use a lot of shared infrastructure and don’t guarantee uptime (it’s best-effort on our part), while the One App and Enterprise plans have:

  • More features
  • Guaranteed uptime/SLAs
  • Unlimited users, etc.

That being said, we want people to be able to use Developer for personal/hobby apps and small production applications. If you don’t need anything in the higher tiers, and understand you are on shared infrastructure without an uptime contract, go for it! When you outgrow Developer, you can move up.

I’m curious: what features of Okta do you need for your site?

We just need the core functionality - users need to register either with their own user/pwd or with Google. We also want to use this to protect our APIs, but from my reading, although it would be nice to have the API Mgmt add-on, we could get away with the single authorization server that you get with the Developer account. I’m still struggling to figure out the other terms, like scope, claim, etc and how they differ from access policies and rules. I wish the docs would give real-world examples, it makes it tons easier to understand.

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That’s helpful feedback, thanks! I’m in the process of improving our documentation right now. I’m definitely planning to add more real-world examples.