Developer Plan Changes FAQ

See our blog post for additional context on the Developer Plan Changes.

What’s changing (in a nutshell)?

We are deprecating our Developer Advanced plan and encourage all customers who want a self-service paid credit card option to explore Auth0’s plans. We are also making changes to our free Developer Starter plan to ensure developers have an easy way to explore and evaluate Okta in pre-production.

How is the Developer Advanced paid plan changing?

Okta will no longer offer a self-service paid credit card plan and we are sunsetting the Developer Advanced plan for new customers. Customers who are interested in a self-service credit-card paid plan can find an Auth0 plan that meets their needs.

How is the Developer Starter free plan changing?

Okta’s free developer plan, which will be called the Okta Developer Edition moving forward, will function as a playground where developers can explore building their projects in a full-featured, pre-production Okta environment. Okta Developer Edition includes 100 monthly active users (MAU) and is intended for all developers, whether they’re evaluating Okta’s products or creating something for the Okta Integration Network. Okta Developer Edition will remain completely free.

What happens to existing developers using free Developer Edition orgs for production use cases?

Any existing users who are using Developer Edition will continue to have their existing features. They can continue to use these features at no cost as long as they stay under the previous limit of 15k MAU. Orgs who go above the limit of 15K MAU will need to work with the Okta sales team to get on a contractual plan.

Are there any changes to the Auth0 plans?

At this time, there are no changes to any of the Auth0 plans.

What does Auth0 “pay-as-you-go” mean?

“Pay-as-you-go” refers to consumption based pricing. Developers can use a credit card to purchase a CIAM solution based on buckets of MAUs, starting from $23/month.

Can I migrate my Developer Starter or Advanced to an enterprise plan?

Yes, you can migrate your Developer Starter or Advanced plan to a contracted plan by contacting Okta sales. This won’t require any additional engineering changes and can be handled by the Okta team for you.

Can Okta/Auth0 orgs/tenants be migrated between each other?

No, at this time, it is not possible to migrate data from Okta to Auth0 or vice versa.

What are the feature differences between Developer Starter and the new Developer Edition?

Feature Developer Edition (new) Developer Starter (old)
MAU 100 15K

Both plans have:

Feature Developer Edition (new) and Developer Starter (old)
Support Community
Custom applications 5 OIDC Clients and 3 SAML applications
Authentication Outbound federation to custom applications, Social authentication, Group-level password policies, Group and application-level sign-in policies, Okta ThreatInsight
Authorization 1 authorization server with 1 customizable access policy, OAuth 2.0 support, Customizable scopes and claims, Token revocation
User management Secure user store with customizable user attributes, User lifecycle states (e.g. activated, suspended, deactivated), Attribute mapping and transformation, Registration as a service
Basic multi-factor authentication Okta Verify
Customizations Custom domain, Customizable sign-in and registration widget