Okta.devices.read scope unavailable

I have an OIDC Web app I created, I want to give it a scope of okta.devices.read, however I don’t see that scope in the scope list I can grant in my application, furthermore I don’t see a “Devices” page in my “Directory” tab on the sidebar.
I have a developer account.

Thank you!

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Are you using an Okta Identity Engine (OIE) org? Do you have FastPass enabled?

Our docs indicate that these /devices endpoints are specific to OIE, so if you are using an Okta Classic org, I would imagine that these scopes are not available/listed.

Thanks for the quick reply!
I have a developer organization, I don’t know if it’s a classic or an OIE.
How can I check?

@yuval.ezuz here is how you can check - Okta Help Center (Lightning).


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