Okta-elasticsearch-node-example not working

Hi - I am trialing your client and was trying to use the example provided for elasticsearch, but, I am encountering issues - I am assuming there have been breaking changes with the latest elasticsearch client and that the example was written with the previous elasticsearch client.

I was able to bypass the first error by rewriting the elastic-client.js, but it seems that there are some other issues as I continue along…

Just curious if this sample app is still supposed to work.


I don’t know of an Okta/Elastic search integration, but there is a dev forum post. Is this the integration that you are testing?
If so I can see if the author has any thoughts. Assuming that is the post you are following I would definitely recommend starting a discussion on the Post.


Yes, the dev forum post is the integration I was working with. I managed to get it to work by adding a user account to elasticsearch with the appropriate permissions (instead of using an authorization token).

Thank you for your suggestion just the same - I will take that approach in the future should it be required.