OKTA Email Magic Link not working

I am trying to authenticate a user using email MFA in a React app. I followed the steps mentioned in the article- Use the Email Verification Experience, but can not authenticate a user through the Sign In link.

Note: A user is authenticated by entering the OTP but not through Sign In link.

Any help or guidance appreciated.


Did you provide a URL in your OIDC application for ‘Email Verification Experience’ callback URI.

Okta will add 2 query params, state and otp when redirecting back to the app.

The React app would need to be configured to check for these query params and if present boot the widget with them.

Common issues,

  • Not using the same browser window to click the link that is logging into the application
  • For a SPA app that is deployed making sure URL Rewriting is not dropping the query params.

thank you