Implement MFA in React

I am trying to implement MFA in a React app. I am following the steps mentioned in the article Email Authentication (MFA) but not receiving email for authentication. I am using OKTA Sign-In Widget for login.

Is there any additional configuration I need to set up?

I am just implementing the same and those steps worked for me. Did you created policy rule and assign that to particular group?
In my case I created one group and assigned the policy to that group and now when users tries to login okta automatically prompt factors to enroll over there.
Here is the document for that:

Hi @jaymin104. Thank you for the response. I have created a policy and assigned a group to it but unable to get MFA working. Below is the policy and rule config.

Here is the additional setting which I have.

I am using OKTA Developer account. Could that be one of the reason that I am not having the extra options?

Not sure. Let’s wait for others to reply.

Hi Saajan, It sounds like you’re diving into the MFA world with React! Nice move. So, about not getting those authentication emails, let’s troubleshoot. First things first, double-check your setup against the steps in the Email Authentication (MFA) article you mentioned. Sometimes it’s the little things we overlook. Also, make sure your OKTA Sign-In Widget is playing nice – that can be a bit tricky.

Now, for the email glitch, consider checking your email provider settings. It might be getting caught up in spam or promotions – happens more than you’d think. If all else fails, hit up the OKTA documentation, maybe there’s a gem hidden there.

Feel free to drop more details at triotech systems if you need help. MFA can be a handful, but we’ll get there!

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