Okta flutter plugin custom login not working in release build

I have developed flutter plugin for OKTA using Android OIDC and it is working fine in debug build . In release build it throws me following error and i cant login
Unable to load class named [com.okta.authn.sdk.impl.client.DefaultAuthenticationClientBuilder] from the thread context,

current, or system/application ClassLoaders. All heuristics have been exhausted. Class could not be found.

Kindlyy do the needful to resolve this issue as it is a huge blocker for our team to release the app in playstore.

io.jsonwebtoken.lang.UnknownClassException: Unable to load class named [io.jsonwebtoken.impl.DefaultJwtParser] is thrown when passing jwt string for Claims · Issue #447 · jwtk/jjwt · GitHub.
the same kind of issue i am facing here

Thanks in advance.