Okta Implicit flow and Resource owner flow

Hi guys, I’m currently working on a project that use Implicit flow and Resource owner flow. Also I have a separate hook that has an API which takes the response from Okta in the body. For the Implicit flow, I’m getting the response from okta in that Hook’s API body, but when it’s come to Resource owner flow, Okat’s response is not coming in the body. Can someone please help me to sort this problem.

When you make a call to the /token endpoint to request tokens via the Resource Owner Password grant, Okta should be returning the tokens issued (presuming the user was successfully authorized) in the body of the response.

Can you walk through the steps in our guide to make sure you’re formatting this call correctly?

Thank you @andreaskouras for the response. I’m calling token endpoint through the Postman and Okta is sending the response to the Hook. Let me go through with your suggestion :slight_smile:

Hi @andreaskouras I wasn’t clear before. We are calling Okta from Postman and we have configured Okta to call our InlineHook. In InlineHook, we take the response from Okta as in body payload and adding some more values to the response. To call Okta we are using both Implicit and Resource Owner Flows. Below is the sample of Payload that we expect from Okta.

But the problem is, we get this response to our InlineHook only when using the Implicit Flow. For the Resource Owner Flow this response is empty. Can we know is there any configuration we need to do in Okta side or what is the reason for this issue? Thanks