OKTA Integration with Java(not a Spring app'n) via SAML2.0

We are trying to integrate our application built on ADF framework (which uses core java as part of it) with OKTA via SAML2.0.And our requirement is to perform authentication via OKTA hosted login page.
So can someone please guide me how to start and do this integration. I am new to SAML.
I have couple of questions,
1.I came to know that there is a OKTA SAML tool kit available, so i downloaded it from my developer account but came to know that the current tool kit -3.1.2 requires java1.8.We use java1.7 and cannot upgrade to java1.8 now, so is there any OKTA SAML tool kit available which is compatible with java1.7…?
2.If OKTA SAML tool kit is not available for java1.7 then which other SAML tool kit is (ex:OpenSAML,Onelogin,etc) preferred for OKTA integration.
3.Is there any example available which suits to our requirement.?
Thanks in advance and any help is much appreciated.

It looks like @phi1ipp responded to you other post, so I’m going to close this one out