OKTA integration with a Java application via SAML

We have a requirement to integrate our java(not a Spring) application with OKTA via SAML2.0.I did google for the integration process, got confused about the below things.
So please assist me in understanding them.
1.Our requirement is to use OKTA hosted pages for login, registration, profile and etc.
So for our requirement OKTA Java SDK is useful or only it can be useful for application hosted pages…?
2.As we are using SAML, so we need to use OKTA SAML tool kit for all the communication between SP and IDP…?
3.If we need to use OKTA SAML kit then where i can get the compatible tool kit for java1.7.The toolkit available in developer account requires java1.8,which we cannot use in out application.
4.Also please outline the steps required for this integration.
Please help me in understanding these.
Thanks in advance.

  1. okta-java-sdk is for management of Okta entities with API (like users, groups, etc). If you are not going to do things like that and only planning to SSO with SAML, I’d say, you don’t need it
  2. You can use whatever SAML library you are comfortable with
  3. See above #2
  4. I think Okta has an article on SAML integration. What I was able to find is - https://developer.okta.com/docs/guides/build-sso-integration/saml2/create-your-app/ Start from here and research more

Hi phi1ipp,
Thank you for the response. Have some further questions, please help me on them.
1.Ok,along with SSO we also need to implement the things like user registration,
profile update and forgot password from the OKTA hosted pages. Can you please guide me how we can achieve them(i.e with JAVA SDK or SAML tool kit).Please provide me reference if any.
2.Ok,trying Onelogin SAML tool kit.
3.Ok.just to confirm that OKTA SAML took kit is available for Java1.8 and above only…?
4.OK,will do.
Thank you once again.