Javaee how to use okta

Hi, now there is a system is javaee 2.5, I want to integrate it using okta, what is the best way to do it, SAML or OIDC


The Okta Java server side OAuth/OIDC SDK is Spring Boot based.

Okta does not offer any sort of SAML SDKs.

Thank you for your reply, but javaee system can be integrated with saml and okta, right?

Yes that is correct, you should be able to integrate Okta with either a OAuth2 or SAML2 compliant library, where there are many for Java.

If it helps, we have a list of some popular open source SAML toolkits here: Build a Single Sign-On (SSO) integration | Okta Developer

The Java one’s listed are OpenSAML and Spring Security SAML (this one includes a guide from Okta to get you started)